Shopping on MikesCart

Use the Search form to look for what you're trying to buy. You'll get results with links leading you to the item on shopping cart sites that use as their e-commerce engine. Some of the sites provide local pickup, some only ship, some do both. The cost of both the product and the shipping fees are displayed on each product page. Pay via Paypal or Credit Card.

Selling on MikesCart

How it Works: MikesCart provides a hosted shopping cart application for you to populate with your products and content. Payment processing is done through our Paypal integration. You will need a valid premium or business Paypal Account. The Premium Paypal account is free and open to everyone. You will be able to receive payments via Paypal or Credit Card through the checkout process. Payment goes directly to you. There is absolutely no charge for using the MikesCart service.

You will be alerted by both Paypal and MikesCart when a sale has occurred.  We have two automated emails that go out to the customers.  One when they successfully pay that includes their invoice, and one when you mark an order as shipped(or ready for pickup).  Please make sure to click the "Emails" tab in your Admin Panel to customize these emails.

Your MikesCart Site: Sign up, validate your email address and you are ready to start setting up your site. You will need to add at least one category to begin adding products. If you are an eBay seller(and you should be if you are serious about selling online) you can integrate your MikesCart shop with your eBay listings. You can import your existing ebay auctions into MikesCart and make them purchaseable on your site. It will also add your eBay items into your site's search results. Because MikesCart is free it will become your most cost effective way to sell online. You will want to direct your customers from services around the web to your MikesCart website. We provide discount code generation so that you can give your customers an incentive to buy on your MikesCart site.

By default, your product list page is your homepage.  But we've also given you the option to create basic content pages and identify one as a homepage. You are reading a page right now created with that functionality.

Using MikesCart with your existing site: We've made a customizeable page template(with Web 2.0 Standards, Bells and Whistles) that you can match to your existing site's colorscheme. Upload your logo and point a subdomain(e.g. at the IP address found on the Site Admin page. In the content section of the admin you can set your homepage to point back to your main site. On the site admin you will also find code to add a cart search from your main site to your cart. Our staff is happy to help you with setting up the subdomain.

More information will be provided on each of your admin pages to help you through the process.  We try to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible.

Happy Selling!

The geeXmedia Team