We don't want your site to look like you paid nothing for it.  You have a growing list of options when it comes to site design. Each Design allows you to create your own Navigation and display your logo.

MikesCart Custom Template

The custom template is designed to give you the most freedom possible to decide how your site should look. You can customize color, font-type, borders, shadows and backgrounds to fit your desired look. MikesCart.com is currently using the template. Here's two other sites currently using the custom template: C2 Marketplace, Jon's Everything Store. We've also thrown together two other looks as examples: Sample 1 - Sample 2.

MikesCart Premade Templates

We also have some "out of the box" templates available. You'll see them in the site admin labeled as you see them below:

demo 1 - Amorphous

demo 2 - Green Finch

demo 3 - Green and Dark Brown

demo 4 - Grey n Blue

demo 5 - Black n White

demo 6 - Tan Layers

demo 7 - Silver and Black

We will keep you up to date on more designs as they become available.