We are geeXmedia, a band of programmers and ecommerce specialists building online marketplace applications.  Our flagship product is ListApp.  Which is an enterprise level asset management program.  Our office is located in the bowels of C2 Management, in the town of Berryville, VA.

We came up with Mikes Cart in a meeting about Listapp custom cashiers.  Listapp does all sorts of magical things but mainly its a system that lets you catalog your items and sell them on a variety of platforms such as eBay and that connection to ebay we call a cashier.  Chris Hansen(the pres) wanted a way that he could take all of one sort of asset in ListApp and push those items to their own shopping site.

What started as an addon for ListApp took on a life of its own as it became easier to start a new site.  Once we realized the old rules of shopping carts no longer applied it was common sense to make this available to the public.   Our vision for Mikes Cart is a zero barrier entry point for users to begin selling online on their own sites.  As their online business matures, they step right into the Enterprise level architecture of ListApp.     C2Marketplace is currently using MikesCart.com powered by ListApp.   Sign up for a beta account of Listapp Here.

What we try to emphasize to our clients is a diverse ecommerce strategy.  There's more than one way to sell your items online and the more locations on the web where you list or advertise the more likely you are to both generate traffic and make a sale. geeXmedia and C2Marketplace were born of eBay.  We have had over 13 years of success selling surplus on eBay.  So we strongly suggest our users sell not only on their shopping cart sites but also on eBay.  To advertise using eBay, include a flyer to your ecommerce site in the shipping materials sent to successful bidders.  

We generate income to support the free service of Mikes Cart by asking our users to advertise their eBay auctions on their shopping cart sites.   All that the user has to do is add their eBay user ID into the site creation admin form.  We create a feed to their auctions that includes our eBay affiliate id.  This doesn't cost the users anything and it also increases interest in their clearance items. 

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